Linglong Does Not Meet the Conditions for Obtaining a Use Permit

The tire factory, whose construction in Zrenjanin is being completed by the Chinese company Linglong, does not meet the conditions for obtaining a usage permit because it was built illegally, claims Zrenjanin lawyer Dušan Prijić.

In the analysis of Linglong’s business so far, he reminded that multiple “undertakings or non-undertakings of legal actions that are contrary to the positive law of Serbia were noticed, while the failure of state institutions to take actions to protect the legal order was noticed and even law violations by those institutions themselves. “

Prijić reminded that the largest and most important parts of the future tire factory, facilities for mixing raw materials, were built without a building permit, which was once determined by the state construction inspector.

He added that it is quite certain that the Linglong plant facilities will not meet the conditions for obtaining a usage permit in terms of environmental protection. He stated that a complete, integrated study on environmental impact assessment has never been made and approved, and that two partial ones are full of shortcomings, due to which there are several lawsuits before the Administrative Court.

If the law is respected, there is no possibility that plant facilities that are being built without a construction permit will receive the usage permit which is necessary for the start of production, Prijić said. If the state authorities continue to violate the positive legislation of Serbia and the Linglong plant starts operating, the citizens must exercise their rights at international institutions, primarily at the European Court of Human Rights, which in its practice has established the responsibility of states for environmental pollution originating from privately owned production facilities, the lawyer concluded.