Does The Prosecution Protect Chinese Security Guards?

The decision to reject the criminal charges against Chinese citizen Chen Pengui who obstructed the work of N1 television journalists is another in a series of reasons to reconsider the work of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Zrenjanin, which for years has been “deaf and blind” to criminal affairs of the city authorities, while “efficiency” is demonstrated only when it is necessary to protect one of them.

The managers of Chinese companies that are building the Linglong tire factory are obviously among those who have special protection. To them is tolerated the crime of building without a building permit, but also various forms of violent behaviour, torturing and killing animals and intimidating people.

We remind you that on several occasions, the Chinese in military camouflage uniforms jumped on citizens and journalists in public places in Zrenjanin, violating their mobility rights and preventing them form working, often threatening them verbally, boldly getting into their face and photographing their license plates.

We call on the state government to announce whether and where the security forces of the People’s Republic of China are engaged in Serbia, on what basis, what their powers are and whether they are protected from criminal prosecution by some act.

Who are the foreigners in military uniforms on our streets?