Any person can become a member of our Association if they accept our goals and the Statute and submits a membership application form to the Board of Directors.

A minor who has attained 14 years of age can join the organization by submitting notarized letter of consent signed by their legal guardian.

Membership rights:

  • to participate equally with other members in achieving the objectives of the Association
  • to directly participate in decision making in the Assembly of the Association
  • to elect and be elected to the organs of Association
  • to be timely and fully informed regarding the work and activities of the Association.

Membership responsibilities:

  • to actively participate in achieving of the organizational objectives
  • to participate, according to his/her interests, in the activities of the Association
  • to pay the membership fee – if a person is financially able to pay
  • to perform tasks delegated by the Board of Directors of the Association.

Fill in the application form

All fields in the form are required to be filled in.


    I want to become a member of Gradjanski preokret

    I accept the Statute and listed principles of the organization, read/download Statute here