We do not accept the role of corrupted civil servants

At yesterday’s meeting of the extended Board of Directors of Gradjanski preokret, the current socio-political situation and future activities of the organization were discussed. The position was adopted that the Gradjanski preokret should continue to encourage civic awareness and responsibility, and to systematically, without demagoguery and populism, point to social problems and possible solutions.

The situation in Zrenjanin was especially considered after the announcement that the contract between the city and “water treatment plant” was terminated. In this new situation, our position is, that it should be clearly and loudly emphasized that the full political responsibility for the lost seven years, false promises and millions of euros spent on the failed “water treatment plant” lies with Serbian Progressive Party, and the personal responsibility lies with its officials led by Goran Knezevic and Cedomir Janjic, against whom criminal charges were filed.

Gradjanski preokret believes that the dissatisfaction of the people of Zrenjanin is justified and that the revolt is logical, but also that there are strong indications that the action “Zrenjanin je žedan” is going in the wrong direction.

The state of Serbia and the City of Zrenjanin are sliding into debts, because they use money to bribe voters, and this should not be supported by meaningless demands from citizens. The problems in the society are not solved by the authoritarian government giving to everyone one hundred euros, to some twenty thousand RSD, to some an asphalt road, to some a transformer station, and to some two liters of water. The one who delivers such demands to those in power is taking part in their corrupt game, putting themselves in the role of a subject. Gradjanski preokret does not agree to this role.

As full and responsible citizens, they never demand from the authorities to give us something, but we ask it to function democratically, legally, efficiently and in the general interest, if that is not the case, to be politically and legally sanctioned.

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