State Has Suspended the Law in The Interest of Linglong

Exactly two months ago, the deadline was given by the Provincial Construction Inspector to the Chinese company Linglong. The order was to remove illegally built buildings on over 47 thousand square meters of construction site of the tire factory.

Immediately after the expiration of that deadline, due to the obvious non-implementation of the order of the construction inspector, Gradjanski preokret submitted a request for unplanned inspection supervision, but so far it has not received a response from the authorities of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Gradjanski preokret filed criminal charges against the responsible persons of investors and contractors on the Linglong construction site due to construction without a construction permit, but the prosecution has not yet reacted.

Gradjanski preokret filed charges against Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Traffic for the illegally issued building permit to Linglong. The goal of this permit is to try to provide legal cover for illegal construction, but the Administrative Court has not yet decided on that.

Last year’s lawsuit against the Administration of the city of Zrenjanin on approval of the study on the Environmental Impact Assessment Study of the first construction phase of Linglong Tire Factory is pending, as well as this year’s lawsuit against the Provincial Secretariat for Urbanism and Environmental Protection for approval of the second phase of construction.

It is obvious that all three branches of government, and the state, have been suspended in the interest of Linglong. This is not a little favour to the investor, but a strong support corruption and lawlessness. At the same time, it is a serious signal that the state authorities will not protect the citizens and the public interest even when factory starts working and endangering human health and the environment.

If the institutions do not work according to the law for a long period of time and obviously do not protect the public interest, they will be responsible if citizens start to express their dissatisfaction trough non-institutional means.