Zrenjanin is getting a pre-election loan

At the end of last week, the Assembly of the City of Zrenjanin adopted the Decision on getting a loan in the amount of 491 million dinars.

Last year, the city of Zrenjanin paid 420 million dinars to the company Millennium Team doo for demining the land owned by Linglong, and this year it paid 448 million dinars to build a water supply and sewerage for Chinese company.

After such “economical” moves, there is obviously not enough money left for traditional pre-election painting and asphalting, and the election year is approaching, so they decided to robb the comming generations who will have to repay debts with interest.

Gradjanski preokret appeals to the prosecution to react to the criminal charges filed against the highest government officials in Zrenjanin and thus prevent further devastation of the city.