Authorities In Zrenjanin Is Hiding Information About the Education of Its Leaders

The administration of the city of Zrenjanin rejected the request of Gradjanski preokret to provide information on which high schools and higher education institutions were completed by the Mayor of Zrenjanin, his deputy and assistants, as well as the president and deputy president of the Zrenjanin assembly.

The refusal to announce whether, when and which schools the leaders of Zrenjanin graduated from was explained by their right to protection of personal data.

Such an explanation is unacceptable because the city officials are in question, and the request was only about information for which there is a justified interest of the public to know it.

The decision to reject the request also states that “there is no consent of the person to whom the requested data refers”, so a logical question arises why city leaders would hide their education, unless they are ashamed of it.

Gradjanski preokret will file a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, and sooner or later it will find out all the facts about the education of city leaders and inform the public about it.

The big secret: which schools have completed the people who run the city of Zrenjanin?