The Linglong is connected to the river by 1.5-meter diameter pipes

Between the future Chinese tire factory Linglong and the nearby river Begej, canals are being dug and large diameter pipes are being placed. Due to these works, the route of the main road Belgrade-Zrenjanin near that construction site was temporarily shifted.

The concern that all the liquid waste of the factory will be discharged through this high-capacity pipeline directly into the river, without any treatment, is justified. Less than two kilometres from that place downstream is the Special Nature Reserve “Carska bara”, and then the confluence of the Begej and the Tisza.

Through these rivers, connected lakes and canals, enormous pollution from the factory will reach the land, groundwater and food produced in the area.

Now when Serbia is opening a cluster on ecology in negotiations with the European Union, projects with dirty technologies and environmental pollution unimaginable anywhere in Europe and the civilized world are being realized on its soil.

We remind you that the Linglong tire factory is being built illegally, without an integrated study on environmental impact assessment, but also without building permits, which was determined by the provincial construction inspector. The Prosecutor’s Office and the Administrative Court have not decided for months, in some cases for more than a year, on filed charges and lawsuits against investors and state bodies that enabled the factory to behave in this way, thus directly enabling the survival and progress of this in many different ways harmful project.

Video of the works between the construction site of Linglong and the river Begej on December 15, 2021.