Živkov: Is This Our Country or The Country of Our Poisoners?

At yesterday’s “Ustanak za opstanak” in Belgrade, the representative of the Građanski preokret, sociologist Ivan Zivkov, also spoke.

He pointed out that the biggest problem in Vojvodina is not how people will declare themselves on the census, but the fact that two thirds of public water supply systems in that province do not have healthy drinking water. According to him, it is absurd that the state did not declare the construction of regional water supply systems and providing healthy water to its population for a project of national importance, but it declared the Linglong car tire factory near Zrenjanin for a project of national importance. Zivkov reminded that the land in the middle of the agricultural area was donated to that factory of dirty technology and large subsidies from the budget were given to the factory.

When he considers what are and what are not priorities, and what our money is spent on, a normal person can only ask himself whether this is our country or the country of our poisoners – said Zivkov.

According to him, the problems in the fight for a healthy environment are a consequence of the previously lost healthy society, and that is why every ecological or civil protest is at the same time a political fight for a decent and democratic Serbia. In the end, Zivkov expressed his belief that the citizens will win that fight, although the undemocratic government currently looks very powerful.

Ivan Živkov at “ustank za opstanak” in Belgrade, 11. 09. 2021.