Vučić Slanders Gradjanski Preokret Through Informer

In the style of his political father Vojislav Seselj and idol Slobodan Milosevic, Aleksandar Vucic blames foreign powers and their alleged mercenaries in Serbia – the so-called domestic traitors – for his bad governing and its catastrophic results.

Using its unofficial official Gazette – newspaper “Informer”, in the text “NGOs financed by the USA and the EU falsely attacked Chinese companies that invested 2.74 billion euros in Serbia and employed thousands of people” from July 14, 2020, Signed by A. Crnomarković, Gradjanski preokret, CEKOR and the Regulatory Institute for Renewable Energy and the Environment (RERI) were named as organizations that present false information about Chinese investments in Serbia for alleged material benefit.

Gradjanski preokret is financed by the laws of the Republic of Serbia, and its work is completely transparent. Regarding the construction of the tire factory Linglong, Gradjanski preokret has been engaged in showing different documents of Serbian authorities, for example contract that donated almost 100 hectares of arable land to a Chinese investor, building permits issued without following the legal procedure to the environment, which enabled the beginning of the construction of the factory without the Environmental Impact Assessment Study.

In Serbia, no one can be surprised anymore that the current government, through its fake media, headed by Informer, insults citizens who want transparent and legal work of state organs and protection of their environment. “Witch hunting” is a favourite sport of politicians who want to divert attention from their own tricks and incompetence. The extent to which Informer is a medium, how studious and fact-based its texts are, and the extent to which the people who receive salaries in that newsroom are journalists, can be seen by the fact that the name of our organization is misspelled twice in the text in which they will allegedly reveal information about work of the organisation.

Gradjanski preokret welcomes the arrival of investors in Serbia, in fair conditions where their entry into our market is not serving to private interests of the authorities, and making detrimental impact on nature, the state, other businesses and citizens. We stand for equal treatment of all investors, regardless of which country they come from, and we insist that state organs do their job responsibly and according to the rule of the law, and not according to the private will of the usurper of power.